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House of Myth - Application - Jono and Tapir by Jon-jonz House of Myth - Application - Jono and Tapir by Jon-jonz


Name: Jono
Gender : Male
 Age: 16
 Birthday : 27/10 

House :  Phoenix
Rank : City Patrol 

Level : 2

Co-operative  Reliable Dependent Wimpy 

Likes : People,Order, Planning , Bright things , Puzzle Games
Dislikes :  New Situations, awkward people/situations,Heavy lifting

Back story: 

Jono was the second born to a loving couple,having one older brother.when he was 3 his mother passed away and his father looked after the two children the best he could,this worked well they had money and each other but his father was noticeable lonley so Jono took care of the house when his father worked and his brother was doing extra-curricular activities. His father married again when he was 8 and he gained 2 step siblings and later another 3 half siblings.

Jono and his family lived in a large house and although the mother was nice and father earned good money it was stretched thin with so many children. Jono felt like he was the most forgotten out of the brothers and sisters. He was second important from his brother who enjoyed being the centre of attention and had no talents like his other siblings. He helped out his step mum and his younger brothers and sisters but never was acknowledge.

When he was 12 it started to get really bad,completely ignored by his parents to the point they forgot his birthday. like any one he thought this was unacceptable and ran away from home. Lost in the City during the night he was scared and alone he ran into another kid lightning lanterns.He offered to help the Child and was thus offered a spot in phoenix due to his kidness and will to help others. (even if it was because he didnt want to be alone.)

Jono was taken to the Token forger and was given a colourfully painted Tambourine. Upon his return to home no one had noticed him missing.

Over the years Jono worked with tapir his equally timid but helpful spirit to keep the stress light,clean and safe,avoiding battle whenever possible and assiting team mates in their endeavoursHe has no qualm against adults but purely likes to see kids have a good time and feel wanted and needed like he didnt have.


Name : Tapir
Gender : ???
Elemental Ability
Smoke Manipulation :  Has the power to create and control smoke. Tapir can suffocate,blind and confuse enemies with the smoke. but it is just smoke can be blown away or removed by simple means.
Weather Manipulation: Can Move clouds around and create weather phenomena,Currently Tapir can remove clounds to make a sunny clear sky and create overcast/drizzly weather. 

Weapon / Fighting Style
Tapir is not a huge fighter and thus likes to stay away from enemies while helping team mates with weather or smoke support.

Tail Lantern Case  : used in conjunction with powerful tail whips to defend people who get too close
Incense  : used with the ability to control smoke for a number of helpful or Harmful effects,from smelling nice to soothing ailments or just boosting peoples moods.

Kind , Forgiving , Naive , Easily Worried 

Other information 
[ Anything else about your host or spirit? ]

Role Play;

"Hey,Beth Wait up!,why do you always run off!",A Light blue Jelly Fish with stunning gems inbeded in its head bounced toward Beth and this some want interesting furret character.
"I fly plenty slow,you dont keep up!" chirped Beth and she flutted ,The Noibat leans over to the Furret and in sotto voce pronounced "This is Jill,she's got no land legs".
The Jellyfish pokemon let out a sigh, "anyway who's this old guy? getting into fights with strangers again?"
"ah no!" Beth replied defensively, "he was just asking if we where new!".
"what did you say?" The Water type gave a quick glance to the Furret.
The furret was looking at the two with a somewhat confused face,was he even involved the conversation?what had he gotten himself into?
 The Noibat noticed that she had been talking to Jill for just and little too long"Now Listen up old dude this is good stuff"!

-Sorry I dont have alot its all jumbled in works in progress.
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almost-captain Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Student General Artist
ahhhhh he's really cool and so is his spirit omg congrats on getting in just gr9 welcome to phoenix house! 
Jon-jonz Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you so much,im really looking foward to this :)
almost-captain Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013  Student General Artist
no problem! 
tinyfrou Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
i love tapir omg
Jon-jonz Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
it loves you too :P
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